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Strategy and Consultation

Has any unplanned action come out with good results? Well, except that one time you put firecrackers in a watermelon. That was awesome. No, we mean serious strategic action. Your digital marketing activities need a strategy – and that’s what we’re good at. Milmark can audit your entire presence and competitors, define your brand’s destination, provide effective means of measurement, and educate you in the process.


Websites, cool mobile apps, CRMs… you name it. Milmark can build it. We leverage our strategic partnerships and creative know-how to provide you top notch websites, apps, and software. When a business seeks a solution, it is essential that it is both unique and pragmatic. We deliver brilliant design and solutions to your liking and consult with you every step of the way.


Creative Content

Milmark can make your content pop as if we gave it a megaphone. We mean megaphone as in you’re leading the crowd with your new awesome content, not shouting annoying things at cats. Your presence online is one of your most valuable assets – we provide the right touches to make your brand shine. Our creative services include branding design, video, copy writing, paid media, contests and campaigns, the works!


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Clients That Rock

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

“Elosophy hired Milmark Solutions to take over our social media outreach, create brand awareness, and a larger audience base. I first spoke to Mike Howard about my needs, he created a strategy which included a revamp of our website, including call to action buttons, content creation and blog writing. Thanks to Milmark Solutions our sales increased by 35% in six months, reached an audience we never thought we could. Highly recommend to every business.”

Aamir Ansari

Founder, Elosophy

“Milmark Solutions is led by a talented, dedicated, and creative duo of gentlemen. I have worked closely with Micheal on various marketing projects and admire his tireless effort to develop campaigns that connect with audiences with an authentic voice. Khalil is a natural connector and has a prowess to meet clients where they are with ease and a genuine concern and mindset to win. These gentlemen deliver quality and are not afraid to take on projects that may seem out of reach, but are a diamond in the rough. Milmark is great for small business and great for innovation.”

Whitney Barkley

Founder, Barter Babes

“I was very happy with the social media experience with Milmark Solutions. I really liked doing the Twitter chats and that built my following. Since working with Milmark Solutions, I almost doubled my Twitter following and improved my online presence. Mike was always very responsive to my emails and questions.”

Lisa Andrews

Owner, Sound Bites Nutrition

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